What You'll Learn:

This workshop is for leaders who want to know how to positively and effectively gain power and then use it the right way

  • Types of Power

    You will find out what the 7 different types of power are, their subtypes and how each type works to influence decisions, behavior, and contrl resources

  • Why Power Is Important

    What having power can help you do that the other leadership traits cannot, and how people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and House Lannister, show us important lessons about power

  • Ethical Power Tactics & Strategies

    Find out how to play the game of "office politics" in a positive way and explore ways to navigate even a toxic organizational culture

  • Gain Power Through Others

    Develop ways to gain power even if you don't have a position or authority by using others power---and get them to give it to you!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Orientation
  • 2
    Get the Most Out of This Course
    • Join Our Facebook Group
    • DOWNLOAD: How to Get and Retain Power Assessment
    • Additional Material: Leadership Readiness Assessment
    • Introduce Yourself
  • 3
    Watch: On-Demand Workshop
    • ON-DEMAND WORKSHOP: "How To Gain More Power And Earn the Respect of Your Followers"
    • Share Your Thoughts and Questions!
  • 4
    Supplemental Resources
    • Become the Great Leader You Should Be
  • 5
    Bonus: Actionable Content You Can Use Immediately
    • How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team
    • How to Make Yourself Better at Negotiations Now
    • 8 Skills That Will Transform Your Leadership
    • 10 Principles That Matter When You Are Leader
    • What's Your Style eBook
    • Look Like An-All Star Leader
    • 1-Month Free Kindle Unlimited Membership
    • 1-Month Free Audible Membership+2 Free Audiobooks

Featured Instructor

  • Lauren  Ashley


    Lauren Ashley

    Lauren Ashley is the Founder of FCO, LLC. A serial entrepreneur who has previously founded two businesses. Lauren launched her career in financial services and has also worked in Legal and Healthcare. She's held roles in and/or overseen HR, Compliance, Customer Service, Vendor Relations, Strategic Partnerships, Administration, and Corporate Events. Lauren has managed teams of up to 40 people. She brings all of that passion, expertise, and experience to her business and imparts that into all of her trainings and coaching programs.

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Course Bonuses

In addition to the course you will also receive:

  • Online Community Access

    Join like-minded leaders in my private closed group forum

  • 1-Month of Kindle Unlimited and Audible

    Leaders understand that continuous learning makes them a better leader. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett say if you want to succeed you need to spend at least 5 hours a day learning. This bonus will help you do that. + you get my top 10 leadership book recommendations to start you off!

  • Free eBook: What's Your Style? Effective Leadership Skills

    "What's Your Style" is written to assist you in identifying your specific leadership style, your use of several leadership qualities, areas of weakness you may possess and how to implement effective leadership skills!

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Power is important to your role as a leader. Power like leadership can be attained even when you don't have authority. It's how you exert influence. It also helps you maneuver your organization. Find out how to get and retain power now!

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