What You'll Learn

This essential workshop for new business owners and bloggers will:

  • Business Planning

    Show you how to complete the plan so you can start using it immediately and share insights on the best way to conduct market research using resources already available for free or low-cost.

  • Market Strategy

    Share insights into effective marketing to your audience and promoting your service to a broader audience.

  • Financial Projections

    Help you calculate your financial projections and develop your forecasts

  • Brand Development

    Help you define your brand

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Orientation
  • 2
    Get the Most Out of This Course
    • DOWNLOAD: Lean Business Plan
    • Additional Materials: Financial Statements & Sales and Profit Calculator
    • Introduce Yourself and Your Business
  • 3
    Watch: On-Demand Workshop
    • ON-DEMAND WORKSHOP: Lean Business Plan Walkthrough
    • Share Your Thoughts and Questions!
    • What Did You Think
  • 4
    Supplemental Resources
    • Discover "Business Planning Bootcamp"
    • Complete "Business Audit: Business Optimization"
  • 5
    Bonus: Actionable Content You Can Use Immediately
    • Strategic Plan Workbook
    • How to Conduct Market Research for Free
    • Bundle: Banking With Your Brand + Discount Code
    • Unlock the Keys to A Successful Sales Pitch Every Time
    • 30 Top Quotes To Re-Energize Your Marketing Campaigns
    • 15 Critical Things You Need to Do For A Successful Business
    • + Resource List and Discounts

Pricing options

Course Bonuses

In addition to the course you will also receive:

  • Online Community Access

    Join like-minded entrepreneurs and bloggers in my private closed group forum

  • 1-Month of Tailwind and ConvertKit

    Gain insights into your target audience with these powerful tools that will provide you social media management and insights, and email marketing and segmentation.

  • Free eBook: Your Revenue=Your Breakthrough

    Find out how life principles we've heard before apply to marketing. These principles will guide you as you develop your brand, reach out to your audience, and try to get a leg up on competitors

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Businesses that fail to plan, plan to fail. Don't be a statistic. Learn how to prepare your business for success with a clear business plan

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